Welcome to the Brand Ambassador Program for Quadvelo.

Enlisting to this program will only add you to a pool of candidates.
As of January 2022, we won’t recruit any new brand ambassadors until further notice.

About us:
Eurocircuits is engaged in the manufacture and sale of the Quadvelo and is looking for brand ambassadors with the intention to create awareness to the public and allow interested parties to test and see quadvelos in their own region.

Some examples of what we offer:

  • No charge, delivery, and pick-up of a quadvelo test vehicle.
  • No charge for the personal use of a quadvelo.
  • No transport costs if the ambassador were to buy the quadvelo.

Some of our expectations:

  • Share your personal experience with us such as suggestions, trip reports, problems.
  • Allow interested parties to make a short test-drive.
  • Record videos while driving, testing, or promoting the quadvelo.
  • Small technical background.

For more information about the program check out the contract below or feel free to contact us at mail@eurocircuits.team

Contract for Brand Ambassadors