Quadvelo Specifications

Dimensions Basic versionOptions
Long – 250 cmLong version- cargo – 300 cm
Wide – 80 cm80 cm80 cm
High – 130 cm
Wheelbase – 175 cm
Ground clearance – 16.5 cm
Turning radius- 7.5 m
Weight – 60 kg
Payload – 200 kg ( driver + cargo) –
max 120 kg on rear axis

Main parts / features

Part nameFeaturesBasic versionOptionsProto – 0Proto 1-9
Wheels 4 x 20″
BrakeSturmey Archer 90 mm drumbreaks
Pedal driveKervelo Quartz-6 or 12Kervelo Quartz-6Kerelo Quartz12Pinion5 x Pinion in front – 4 x Kervelo
E-driveKervelo Quartz-6 or 12Kervelo Quartz-6Kerelo Quartz12None 5 x Bafang in cranks, 4 x Kervelo
Max speed25 km/h on e-assist25 km/h45km/h ( later)HPV25km/h
Travel average speed Target is 30 km/h
Travel distance ( range)100 km/ battery with e-assist100 km200 km
Solar charging Approx 100 W solar panelNo solar panel100W solar panel
Accu1 or 2x 48V – 13Ah
1 x 48V – 13AhSecond battery12V battery1 or 2x 48V – 13Ah
Lights2 headlights – 150 lux B+M IQ-X E150
2 rear lights
1 break-light
6 blinkers
2 daylights ( steady or blinking)
150 lux B+M IQ-X E150 lux B+M IQ-X E150 lux B+M IQ-X E
LightsInterior lightNoneLedstrip interiorLedstrip interiorLedstrip interior
MirrorsB+M Cycle Star EB+M Cycle Star EB+M Cycle Star EB+M Cycle Star E
WindowsPolycarbonate ( for 25 km/ version)
Other windows – scratch resistant polycarbonate
PolycarbonateSafety glassPolycarbonatePolycarbonate
WiperManually operatedManually operatedManually operatedManually operated
Driver seatFoldable Plywood construction with Ventisit seat padPlywood + ventisitPlywood + ventisitPlywood + ventisit
Child seatRemovable Plywood construction Ventisit seat pad NoneChild seat or children benchNoneChild seat
Baby seatConnection points availableNoneAvailableNone
HeadrestPart of driver seatIn driver seatIn driver seatIn driver seat
AirflowAdjustable central air-inlet at the frontNoneAdjustable central air-inlet at the front


Powder coated 7075 Aluminium Alloy frame


Part nameBasic versionOptionsProto – 0Proto 1-9
Gelcoat + Carbon compositeGlassfiber epoxyCarbon compositeCarbon compositeCarbon composite
Gelcoat + Glassfiber-epoxy
Side-doors optionalOpenSide-doorsOpenSide doors proto


LoRa vehicle tracking
Vibration sensor/ accelerometer
Battery and motor control
Weight sensor